The Sleep Quilt is unlike any other quilt you will have seen. Commissioned by Tracy Chevalier, it is entirely stitched and quilted by prisoners in some of Britain’s toughest jails. Each of its sixty-three panels describes a prisoner's personal feelings about sleep. It's a hugely emotive subject in prison, and the quilt is by turns poignant, funny and profound, and always very moving.

Each panel of the Sleep Quilt is featured on its own page, and there are many further pages of close-up details, and comments by some of the prisoners who worked on it.  An essay by Tracy Chevalier tells the story of how she commissioned the quilt and how it was made. The huge difference that this work can make to prisoners' lives and to their eventual reintegration in society is described by Katy Emck, director of  Fine Cell Work, the charity that helps prisoners by teaching them to stitch.  The book is completed by personal recollections of prisoners whose lives have been turned around by what they learned from Fine Cell Work.

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We're very excited to announce that both the paperback and the hardback editions have now been printed and that we've received lots of lovely feedback from readers.

The Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns were great successes and raised an amazing £10,187 in total.

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The Sleep Quilt
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